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About DIY Drones

When talking about DIY Drone Zone we are the number one source to ask about all things drones in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and all of the Southeastern States. We can hook you up to buy all the latest brands of quadcopter drones, as well as parts and accessories to DIY.

As far as drone electronics go; there are parts such as adapters, power supplies, electric motors, flight boards and controllers. monitors, power switches, receivers, transmitters, and servos. In addition to electronics, we can supply help on props as well. Without a good prop, your drone is going nowhere. Through the DIYdronezone, you can find 2 blade, 3 blade, 4 blade and also prop nuts to help repair your drone.

About DIY Drone Zone FPV

So what about buying parts for your FPV (First Person View) drones? When making cutting edge videos with your drone you need the right parts to capture just the right video. DIY can hook you up with FPV antennas, FPV cables and adapters, FPV cameras, FPV goggles and headsets, and FPV transmitters or receivers. Do you need maintenance tools as well? Find tools such as soldering irons, Rosin and solder to help you get the job done.

We want you to find everything you need to keep you flying. The experts who run the DIY Drone Zone have been in the hobby industry for over 30 years, and will direct you to 1000’s of parts and accessories you can buy online. Many of the manufacturers and suppliers have items that are cross compatible for different drones. This can save you hundreds of dollars on building and repair of a drone yourself. In addition, we can lead you to great offers and deals on shipping for drones, parts, and accessories.  Fill out our contact form today to and ask us about drone parts and prices or anything about drones!

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